York County Beekeepers Association


Do you have a swarm you need help with, see a swarm that needs saving?
Do you have a honey bee hive established in a location that you are looking for help removing?

If the swarm/hive is in York County, Maine…

Please email:


Please provide as much of the following information as possible:

  1. What is your first and last name?
  2. What is your email address?
  3. What is your phone number?
  4. Have you definitively identified the insects as honey bees?
  5. Where is the swarm/hive (town and street address)?
  6. How large is the swarm (baseball, football, basketball)?
  7. What has the swarm landed on (tree, bush, house)?
  8. How high up is the swarm/hive? Are ladders or other equipment needed to reach it?
  9. How long has the swarm been there since it was noticed?
  10. Are there any special concerns in the area? (E.g. children, water hazards, bees in the house, etc.)
  11. Have you called anybody else about this? (We don’t want to be tripping over anybody else)
  12. Has anybody sprayed, hit, or done anything else harmful to the bees?  If so, please describe.

A digital picture of the swarm/hive location attached to the email can be very helpful.

If the swarm/hive is NOT in York County, Maine…

Report the swarm to the Maine State Beekeepers Association on the web at


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