York County Beekeepers Association

Pop-Up Zooms: No Business, Just Bees

Sometimes you just want to talk about bees. Maybe you want to ask questions, compare notes, or just have a lively discussion about what’s going on in your hive. Email just doesn’t cut it – you want that dynamic give-and-take of conversation. Here’s your invitation to join other beekeepers in pop-up Zoom talks.

Here are the details: there are no regularly scheduled dates, no pressure, no pre-determined topics. Just a bunch of beekeepers being social. An invitation will arrive in the YCBA Google Group several days in advance. The chat runs from 7-8 but you are welcome to stay on longer if you wish. Join in and leave at any time while the chat is open. If you can join, us that’s great! If not, we hope you can next time.

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